In this case study, we detail how our Rapid can help your business work to deadlines and within budget.

Our client, a large manufacturing organisation on the outskirts of London, needed to roll out new financial software across their group of companies. The incumbent Finance Director had a strong team, including some project resource from both the Finance and IT teams that could be brought into the project. However, he was lacking a leader with direct experience of an implementation of the scale and scope of the exercise at hand. He called Rapid in to find an interim Finance Programme Director with the knowledge and experience to get the implementation across the line with minimum disruption across divisions.


In assessing the role brief, we also took the time to understand the company’s culture and sorts of people who might fit into the role. In the exploration phase, we found out that previous attempts at rolling out similar solutions had struggled, in part because the finance team wasn’t well engaged with the other parts of the business. It was our view that the right hire would need to combine rock solid technical expertise with the ability to engage with—and persuade—a wide range of stakeholders from different divisions. With that framework established, we set out finding great candidates for the role, advertising through our social media presence, local websites, and by seeking recommendations from our own network. Of the three candidates we shortlisted, two were from recommendation, with the final candidate identified through our LinkedIn company community. We actually attended the interviews to help the client ask the right questions and explore the stakeholder management challenges.


The client was absolutely delighted to get such a short shortlist—they’d previously had to trawl through mountains of CVs. They would have been happy to hire two of the three candidates, but settled on a person fresh from a very similar implementation (albeit with a different software solution). The interim spent two months building great relationships with the key stakeholders, and a further six months getting the implementation done. The project came in on time, and under budget—a great achievement in the context of what had happened before. The team at Rapid had a great time delivering this recruitment exercise.


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