In this case study, we detail how our Human Resources practice provided an effective solution to a valued client.


When a large pharmaceuticals business lost their Group HR Director to a close competitor, their first call was to Rapid Search and Interim. The nature of the departure meant the Director had to be exited immediately to take up gardening leave, leaving a huge gap in a business-critical function. The next tier of the HR team wasn’t capable of stepping up into the role, and with a number of challenging initiatives on the go, the immediate solution was to hire an interim Group HR Director to lead the department in the short term.



On the face of it, the recruitment exercise looked like it might focus on a ‘stopgap’ solution until a permanent hire could be made. When the team at Rapid explored requirements more deeply, however, they discovered that there were a number of extremely important initiatives that were in the very early phase of development. The interim wouldn’t be able to just keep the desk warm: the strategic projects needed to move forward apace, working alongside other key business functions , and reporting to the board. With a clear idea of the priorities of the role, Rapid set about finding immediately available candidates who fitted the bill. A further complication was the confidentiality of the role—the client wasn’t comfortable with external advertising, so our recruitment team had to rely on their established networks.



Working through our candidate talent pool, we swiftly identified four candidates with the requisite experience to deliver value in the role. Our consultants travelled to meet and interview them the same week we took the brief, and three of the four were progressed to shortlist. Early the following week, the client interviewed all three candidates (including one Skype interview), and an offer was made and accepted within two weeks of the initial brief. The candidate started the next Monday, and is currently in the role, with the final months of the assignment focusing on transferring knowledge to the HR team, and running the recruitment of the new permanent Group HR Director. A great piece of recruitment that we’re proud to have delivered in such short timeframes.


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