In this case study we detail Rapid’s interim solution stopped a key client bleeding money 


Our client had an under performing centralised IT division, failing to provide adequate support or strategic services to the group of businesses. The limitations of the division were not only costing money in terms of downtime, but also restricting the business’ ability to grow in new and existing markets. With the current CIO deemed unable to take the business forward, Rapid stepped in to provide an interim CIO to lead the transformation process.



This was a role requiring extreme urgency in the context of limited budgets and a business that didn’t fully understand the way IT could deliver value. The interim needed to demonstrate not only the technical knowledge required, but also the political savvy and communication skills to bring the executive team on the journey. We spent a lot of time in the due diligence phase, exploring the challenge from both the business and IT perspectives, as well as building a solid understanding of the cultural environment. We were able to source a shortlist from our existing pool of business transformation contacts—in line with the client’s preference to keep the process completely confidential. We were able to shortlist just two candidates within 10 days of the initial brief.



The interim selected for the position spent the first 30 days in exploration and analysis mode, exploring the business strategy and the provision of IT services. Then, in a presentation to the board, he outlined his transformation strategy, including a recommendation to outsource vital portions of the company’s IT division, since there wasn’t in-house capacity to make the change required. 6 months into the assignment, the transformation is already past its first gateway milestone, with several hundred thousand pounds of unnecessary cost stripped out of the model. This was a fulfilling assignment to work on, since we’ve seen a client in dire straits make exceptional progress.


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