In this case study we demonstrate how Rapid can find the expert skill sets from a limited talent pool


Working in the tech space, our client is in a constant state of change—needing to adapt to very rapidly emerging trends and opportunities. While the entire executive group was effectively working on business transformation day-to-day, they were at the point where they needed a central resource to lead the transformation agenda. They appointed Rapid to deliver the recruitment exercise.



This role was challenging to recruit on a permanent basis, since most roles of this nature have a shorter term cycle. In our due diligence process, it became clear that the person would almost certainly need to come from the technology space, where similar roles exist. We put together a targeted search campaign that focused on attracting people from the business’ close competitors—a list of just 35 companies. Our research team mapped the market, contacting 24 of the potential candidates to assess their skills and appetite for a change. In the final analysis, 8 people were longlisted for technical competency testing and interview with Rapid’s consultants, with 4 great candidates progressing to shortlist.



This was a sensitive and challenging role, with a limited talent pool to target. A huge part of our value in the process was based around our ability to frame the client’s challenges and opportunities in a positive light, and attract people who were generally happy in their current positions to explore the role. The client would have been happy to appoint two of the four candidates, ultimately selecting one with slightly more experience of international business. We enjoyed working on such a challenging brief, and we’re now onto the next one with the same client—a Head of Programme Office role to report to the Head of Business Transformation.


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